Indian Inspiration - 5 things that have inspired me most about India


  1. India's culture is so rich and diverse. It is like no other country.
  2. The people have so much drive and ambition. Whatever their position in life, they are always looking for opportunities to grow. But at the same time they are also very caring people.  
  3. The many skilled artisans that still use all the different traditional ancient processes in their villages, as a means of making a living and keeping the crafts alive.  
  4. The bold and vivid colours are a constant all over India, from buildings, to decorated animals and the traditional clothing.  The colours of India are a constant source of inspiration.
  5. The cities - I have a love for the cities in India, particularly having lived in Mumbai for so long.  There is a lot of style and modern influence, art and culture that keeps emerging and growing these incredible, diverse cities.     

All of these elements of India have inspired my design work. Read on to find out how India has influenced me, my designs and business...