Natural & Ethical Production

Natural Indigo

My first collection is dyed using natural indigo. This natural dye is made from the leaves of the  Indigofera plant, which are boiled to extract the dye and left for hours to make rich and intense colour used to dye the fabrics and yarns.  


Buying well and doing good

There is an increasing awareness and genuine concern amongst customers of the damage and danger of a throw away culture. People are becoming more conscious, as am I, to buy quality and not quantity, and make things last.

There is growing interest in alternatives to mass produced items with people looking towards slower production methods. I am very hopeful that the interest in slow fashion and how textiles are made, will extend to other areas like homewares, encouraging greater transparency and more thoughtful purchases. An interest in the story of how something was made and appreciation of the skill involved in the production of handcrafted items, results in more enjoyment of the piece itself. Timeless items, whether for the wardrobe or home, can be treasured and enjoyed.  Working closely with artisans and supporting traditional crafts is important to me. Creating beautiful products that are ethically made, using natural materials is central to what I do. And of course, I hope that they will be used, enjoyed and cherished.

When I pick up one of my cushions there is a real connection with the maker. With busy lifestyles often dominated by technology there's something special in knowing that the pattern has been hand printed by skilled artisans, the fabric dyed and dried in the Indian sun and then stitched by people for whom employment brings real change and hope. I hope this is something that customers can experience too.