Jiva Natural Embroidered (Sample)
Jiva Natural Embroidered 140cm, 55" (Sample) - Nichola Taylorson

Jiva Natural Embroidered (Sample)

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Colour :          Natural

Process:         Screen Print, Hand embroidery

Repeat:           H: 7.5cm / 3"  W: 6.5cm / 2.5"

Width:             Approx 130cm-140cm / 51"-55" 

Material:          100% Linen 

Usage:             Drapery and light upholstery

Fabric Care:     Dry clean only  

Please note the fabric width can vary, due to shrinkage in the production process.  If an exact width is required, please check with us before measuring.      

Jiva in Sanskrit has a positive meaning to do with life and the soul, which reflects the uplifting pattern .  This bold geometric design has been screen printed by hand in Jaipur and hand embroidered by talented artisans.